Between The Lines: What Is The Top Stretch Mark Prevention Cream?


Stretch Mark CreamMany people are unlucky to have stretch marks on their bodies. It’s unpleasant for some and it feels like they will remain on your skin forever.

People use creams, lotions, or even surgery to treat stretch marks, but they don’t always disappear completely.

The scars lie deep beneath skin layers. That’s why you can’t remove or treat them from the surface. However, you can prevent stretch marks from forming in the first place.

You need to moisturize your skin to prevent stretch marks in forming. Aside from drinking plenty of water and using oils, stretch mark creams are widely used to prevent them from happening. However, you need to find the best product to get the best results. You need to use the top stretch mark prevention cream to ensure that you won’t have to suffer from this problem

Simple Ways To Prevent Stretch Marks

Prevent Stretch MarksThe skin is normally stretchy and strong. If the skin tissues are torn, the body can repair them without leaving marks. Unfortunately, the body won’t be able to repair torn tissues that get stretched too fast.

Pregnancy, rapid weight gain and rapid growth are common causes of stretch marks. The torn tissue will form scar tissues, which are seen as stretch marks in the surface.

If the skin tissues are strong and elastic enough, it won’t tear when stretched. Moisturizing and nourishing the skin helps in preventing tears.

On the other hand, a protein called collagen keeps the skin tissues strong. If collagen is not flexible enough, the skin tissues will not resist too much stretching. Providing enough amounts of new collagen keeps the skin tissues resistant to tears when stretched.

However, there are cases where stretch marks run in the family. These stretch marks are not preventable. For most people, they will form no matter what. You can still use stretch mark creams for prevention, as well as to fade the stretch marks already formd.

The Ultimate Quest For The Top Stretch Mark Prevention Cream

 Stretch Mark Prevention CreamThere are many stretch mark creams for sale in the market today. A lot of creams are said to be effective, according to satisfied users who liked the results. These creams have different mixtures of ingredients and they have their own benefits.

The best stretch mark prevention cream should be able to moisturize, hydrate, and nourish the skin tissues. If you like to buy a stretch mark cream, you can try some of the following:

* Setavan Stretch Mark Cream:

This stretch mark cream includes shea butter, cocoa butter, jojoba oil, mango butter and other natural ingredients to fade stretch marks. It also has vitamins and compounds that hydrate the skin tissues and allows it to stretch without tearing.

* Revitol Stretch Mark Solution:

This cream contains Vitamin E and grapefruit extract that enhances the proteins found in the body to make the skin tissues stronger. It also has Vitamin D3, which helps in fading stretch marks that are already present.

* Skinception Stretch Mark Therapy:

skinceptionThis cream boosts the production of Collagen in the body to make the skin tissues stronger and elastic.

This cream is more ideal in treating stretch marks that are present because it works in fading even purple stretch marks. It also evens the skin tone around the stretch marks and softens the skin.

* Palmer’s Cocoa Butter For Stretch Marks:

This stretch mark cream is also at the top of many top stretch mark prevention cream lists. It contains cocoa butter, which is good in keeping the screen moisturized. It also contains vitamin e, shea butter, and even collagen and elastin. This stretch mark cream is ideal and safe for pregnant women as well.

* Mustela Double Action Stretch Mark Cream:

stretch markIt has moisturizers and nourishing oils that enhance the skin tissues ability to stretch without tearing.

A test on pregnant women using this stretch mark cream helped prevent a whopping 98 percent from developing stretch marks.

These are just some of the many stretch mark prevention creams found in the market. However, you must remember that a stretch mark cream will work for one person, but not on the other.

There are stretch marks specifically created for treatment and not for prevention. It’s ideal to choose the stretch marks cream that can do both, though.

doctorThere are also prescription stretch mark creams available in many stores. However, you need to consult a doctor first if you want to find a certain stretch mark cream is safe for you to use. Creams with Retin-A for example, are not for pregnant women.

Expectant women need to avoid them at all costs. Retin-A can bleach and fade stretch marks away, but it is harmful to an unborn child. It’s also best to choose stretch mark creams that have all-natural ingredients.

Lastly, you can try other products that moisturize the skin other than creams. You can also drink plenty of water to keep your skin moisturized and stretch without tearing. Be sure to choose a top stretch mark prevention cream so that you can get the best results in preventing stretch marks from forming in the first place.


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