Best Stretch Marks Treament Techniques


Stretch marks result after rapid stretching of the skin related to rapid growth or fast weight changes. They may also be caused by hormonal changes related to puberty, bodybuilding or hormone replacement therapy. Stretch marks are known to commonly occur during pregnancy too. You do not have to panic there are some best stretch marks treatment techniques available. The best means to get rid stretch marks is using exfoliation, hydration, and vitamins treatments that encourage new cell development to eliminate stretch mark fast.

Use a moisturizer

Using lotion daily will show great improvement on skin touch and elasticity. If your skin stretches a lot, it is more likely to tear and stretch if left dehydrated. Apply lotions designed to heal stretch marks. Search for lotions that include ingredients like lanolin, or coco butter. Massage lotion into the affected areas twice each day. Exfoliate your skin every day to eliminate dead skin cells, improve blood circulation and promote fresh skin cell development. Massage affected parts twice per day.

Use Retin-A

Retin-A helps to reduce stretch marks. It boasts collagen production, assisting skin stretch out and prevents tears. Pregnant and nursing women should not use any products containing retinoic acid as it can cause birth problems in humans. Retin is very effective for fresh stretch marks. Avoid sun exposure of skin that healing with Retin-A. It can be more vulnerable to burning.

Use glycolic acid

Glycolic acid increase collagen production making your skin more elastic. It is safe to use in pregnancy. Avoid much sun exposure during treatment period. It is available over the counter, however, for a more intense treatment, consult an expert dermatologist. You can combine glycolin and Retin -A for considerably skin appearance improvement.

Vitamin E oil

Vitamin E is regarded as the miracle treatment for stretch marks. Vitamin E is very effective ingredient of an ideal stretch mark remover cream. It helps in nourishing the skin. Vitamin E contains works through enzymes that dissolve on the damaged cells and scar proteins. It moisturizes and enables new cell development through collagen boosters. Vitamin E also physically breaks down surface scars. It helps o smoothen the skin, blend the pigmentation back together, reduce the redness or silvery white look and aid to bring the skin back together. It is very handy, easy to apply, easily available and cost effective

Laser therapy

Laser treatment is perceived as the best method to eliminate stretch marks. It can be used to treat deeper, old stretch marks and fresh marks. The method involves removing, steaming and breaking down the skin tissues. Effective laser surgery relies on the outcome of a series of therapies over several weeks. Normally, an average of 5 to therapy session of laser treatment is needed for the desired outcomes to be visible. Laser therapy frequently results in lasting changes. It is very effective method of stretch mark treatment.

Use a pulsed dye laser for fresh stretch marks. This kind of treatment removes the initial redness and works best on fresh marks that have not changed to silver. The vascular laser treatment is quite expensive and do not work effectively for individuals with darker skin. Fractional laser treatment is used to treat old stretch marks. The laser is focused on the edges of stretch marks, smooth over the surface of the skin.


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