Which is The Best Stretch Mark Cream In The World


When puberty hits, most people become very self-conscious about how they look. They pay attention to their skin and hair, and their weight. People who experience rapid growth spurts often find that they develop stretch marks. Stretch Marks pregnancyWith luck, these stretch marks will go away naturally over time.

A young person’s skin is quite flexible and resilient, so any damage that occurs during your teenage years is most likely reversible. However, stretch marks that occur during pregnancy or as a result of rapid weight gain later in life are harder to get rid of.

Stretch mark creams give your body a helping hand at getting rid of stretch marks, no matter what caused them. Even if you are a teenager it is a good idea to use creams because they will help to speed up the repair and give you every chance at getting smooth, even coloured skin back.

What is In Stretch Mark Creams

Most stretch mark creams are made of essential oils and fats that feed and nourish your skin. The best stretch mark creams in the world contain antioxidants and moisturizers as well as oils. These help to nourish your skin and speed up the repair process.

You can repair your skin using cocoa butter, shea butter or even coconut oil, but the best stretch mark creams will work more quickly, and it is worth paying the extra if you want to ensure that your skin repairs itself properly.

Setavan Setavan is a popular cream, it costs around $33 per tube, and it is very effective. It comes with a 90 day guarantee, but you are unlikely to want to take advantage of that guarantee because it offers rapid results for most people. Setavan is one of the few stretch mark creams that is made in the USA by an FDA certified lab.

Skinception is another strong candidate for the title “best stretch mark cream in the world”. It is a more expensive cream, but it works quickly and it is quite easy to find in stores too. Skinception doesn’t just help to remove stretch marks in the long term, it is an effective moisturiser in the short term too.

Revitol is a fairly inexpensive stretch mark cream solution. It does not work as quickly as the other stretch mark creams that are in this list, but it is quite effective, and if you cannot afford to buy a cream such as Skinception then it is a good choice. It is more effective than a traditional moisturiser and is not particularly greasy or oily so you can use it regularly without inconvenience.

Home Made vs Commercial

Olive Oil And Coconut OilSome people prefer to make their own stretch mark creams using natural ingredients. You can use olive oil, coconut oil, cocoa butter, shea butter and other ingredients to produce a cream that will make your skin softer and more supple.

This can be a fun project, and it will help you to get rid of your stretch marks too, but it is something that you should only do if you are interested in treating your skin in a completely natural way.

Home made creams go off very quickly, and finding the fresh ingredients to make the creams is very expensive. If you are financially motivated then purchasing a commercial cream is a better choice. Using commercial creams will save you a lot of time too.

Alternatives to Creams

Stubborn stretch marks, or ones that are very deep or strongly colored, may not go away in a timely fashion using creams alone. In those cases, instead of using stretch mark creams you may want to pay for laser treatment.

Ipl laser TreatmentIPL lasers can cure stretch marks by breaking down the parts of the skin that have unusual pigmentation, allowing the skin to repair itself in a better way and go back to their natural colour and texture.

Dark skinned individuals are more likely to benefit from this kind of treatment than people with lighter skin, but laser treatments do work for most people.

It takes patience and consistency to get rid of stretch marks. Once they are gone you should do everything in your power to avoid getting them again. If you are lucky, you will only get stretch marks during puberty – or, as a female, during pregnancy. You can avoid weight related stretch marks by monitoring your weight and trying to avoid yo-yo dieting.

The collagen in your skin is quite elastic, but if you put it under a lot of stress by gaining and losing weight very rapidly then stretch marks are inevitable. By being pro-active about keeping your bodyweight under control you will save yourself a lot of stress and grief, and will ensure that you remain fit and healthy in other ways too.


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