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A very common disfiguring problem that people develop as they get older are stretch marks that can appear on buries parts of the body. Although these are most common with women, they can happen with men as well, a form of scarring that is treated very effectively by dermatologist today.

Pregnancy Weight GainThere are many reasons why stretch marks occur which could be related to excessive growth which teenagers experience growing rapidly during puberty. They can also happen during pregnancy, or if you gain a significant amount of weight because of your diet, creating these marks on your body.

There are different types of stretch marks, some of which are discolorations, whereas others appear to be above but attached to the actual skin. Let’s look at the best stretch mark creams, and videos that you can watch, in order to help you learn more about this type of scarring.

What Exactly Are Stretch Marks?

According to dermatologists, stretch marks are the results of rapid weight changes or rapid skin growth. Hormonal changes can also cause them to occur which may be related to hormone replacement therapy, bodybuilding, pregnancy and puberty. They typically appear in the same locations including your buttocks, lower back, hips, thighs and breasts.

Symptoms Associated With Stretch Marks

When you first start to see stretch marks appear, they will typically look like purple or reddish lines. In most cases, they will fade, but when they are there they are definitely noticeable. The reason that they form is because the upper layer of your skin, in the dermis, support is compromised.

Essentially, if there is enough collagen and supporting material in the upper layer of skin, stretch marks cannot occur. They can develop generally any time, and the locations where they are most prevalent are usually where there is a significant amount of fat. Although they pose no health risk, when people get them, they want them to go away.

Causes Of Stretch Marks

Pregnancy stretch marksThe most common reasons that these occur include pregnancy, a high body mass index, usually associated in both cases with rapid weight gain. This accelerated increase in mass or compromise the Alaskan fibers and collagen in the skin which is responsible for helping the upper layer of the dermis remained taut.

Over time, the skin will be stretched, and it can lead to what is called epidermal tearing. When this occurs, the marks will appear, at which point you will need to find a treatment for them.

How To Prevent Stretch Marks

One way to prevent them, especially if you know that you are going to gain a significant amount of weight is to use creams and gels, and even some oils, which can reinforce the ability of elastin and collagen in the skin so that the marks are not able to appear.

Obviously, if you’re pregnant, there is very little you can do except attempt to prevent them from happening. If you are gaining weight for other reasons, the easiest way to prevent stretch marks from appearing is to change your diet and begin exercising to prevent additional weight gain.

Best Treatments For Stretch Marks

Hydroquinoneif you have stretch marks, there are several different treatments that dermatologists will recommend. Some of the newer treatments that work very well include the use of lasers and dermabrasion. You may also get a prescription for retinoids with tretinoin which have been shown to reduce the dark or red colored areas.

Skin whitening creams that have hydroquinone can also be effective at reducing the high amounts of melanin causing the dark pigmentation. Lasers are used, along with dermabrasion, to reduce the appearance of stretch marks that are raised above the skin. These treatments can cost several hundred, if not several thousand, dollars, and are very effective after just a few treatments.

Best Stretch Mark Cream Videos

If you go on the web, especially on YouTube, you can learn a lot more about stretch marks from the many videos that have been uploaded. Although most of them are designed to catch your attention to beat you to a product that they are trying to sell, others provide excellent information.

By looking at the videos, and using the recommendations in this article, you should be able to effectively treat your stretch marks, especially when working with a dermatologist.


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