Best Remedies For Stretch Marks After Weight Loss


Women who have recently gave birth as well as those who have successfully lost weight will usually have troubles with appearance of stretch marks, which normally occur after weight gain and consequent weight loss. One of the common treatments to deal with the stretch marks is to undergo a surgery, but more and more women prefer remedies for stretch marks after weight loss as an alternative to invasive surgical procedures.

Why Do Stretch Marks Occur And How Do Remedies For Stretch Marks After Weight Loss Help To Reduce Them

Stretch marks occur due to stretching of the skin which commonly appear after pregnancy or weight loss. When skin stretches excessively, the buildings of collagen and elastin break down, resulting in those unattractive lines known as stretch marks.

Collagen is an important part of the skin and it plays a vital role in the skin’s elasticity and firmness. If observed from the close perspective, buildings of collagen look like nets holding the skin cells together. When skin lacks collagen and elastin fibers, it is prone to form wrinkles, stretch marks, crow’s feet, sagging and other ailments.

Stretch marks occur when collagen and elastin tissue gets damaged from the excessive stretching such as when we gain weight. And as we attain our previous figure again, skin does not shrink back to the previous state as well, but rather form all kinds of lines and wrinkles. Luckily, there are remedies for stretch marks after weight loss that might just solve your problem for good. Such creams will usually help to replenish the lost collagen fibers as well as make your skin more elastic and free of wrinkles and stretch marks.

Best Remedies For Stretch Marks After Weight Loss

You should know that many remedies and creams use harsh chemicals that can damage the skin, which is why proper research is necessary before buying any of the creams to reduce stretch marks. The best creams are based on natural oils and vitamins A and E, which are the best nourishment for a damaged skin. No cream will ever completely remove stretch marks, but using best ingredients is your best option to restore the youth of your skin.

Creams like Trenitoin and Retin A are not recommended for pregnant women and will also need a prescription from your doctor. Moreover, creams that are made to improve the overall health of your skin will also not deliver desired results. You need creams that target stretch marks specifically in order to get rid of them as much as you can.

Some of the popular remedies for stretch marks after weight loss are aforementioned natural oils and vitamins A and E, but jojoba oil plays an important part in the treatment as well. Buying creams that are based on jojoba oil will most definitely leave you satisfied. Another one of the remedies is cocoa butter. Cocoa butter is to the skin what milk butter is to the bread. It will make your skin soft and smooth and make it look 20 years younger.


To get the finest cream for the condition and type of your skin, it is best to consult your doctor beforehand. Stretch marks may be treated with any kind of suitable cream, but not every skin type will accept every cream, so choose your remedies for stretch marks after weight loss wisely.


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