Are Stretch Mark Creams Best For Pregnant Women?


during and after your pregnant life

The mother’s joy of bringing life into this word is unmatched. After months of hardships and sacrifices, you are gifted with a lovely child.But a bouncing baby is not the only thing that you might receive during and after your pregnant life.

After giving birth or even during pregnancy, a mother will find stretch marks to be a problem.As the child grows inside, the skin of the mother’s abdomen gets stretched which causes layers of skin tissue to tear.

Pregnant women also need to eat more food than usual to support their own body and their growing child.

This will cause an increase of overall weight that will stretch the skin of other body parts. Due to this, stretch marks will appear in the skin of the abdomen and other parts of the body.

Stretch marks can be prevented and can be removed using stretch mark creams. But creams have different contents that can be harmful. The question is, are stretch mark creams best for pregnant women?

Are Stretch Mark Creams Generally Safe?

Stretch mark creams are generally made to be safe for pregnant women. Companies that develop stretch mark creams for pregnancy ensure the safety of both mother and child.

The problem is that there are many products that could have come from questionable sources. But in this case, a stretch mark cream product sold in a known national pharmacy is likely to be legit.

Another thing to check when choosing a stretch mark cream is the ingredients. Some products may contain vitamins that could be harmful to the child which needs to be avoided.

Are Stretch Mark Creams Best For Women During Pregnancy?

best stretch marks treatmentsThere are women who already experienced pregnancy and those who are aware of stretch marks would like to prevent them.

Most will choose to apply stretch mark creams earlier in pregnancy to stop any formation as the child grows.

Stretch mark creams can be safely used during pregnancy.

If used properly together with enough hydration, it can be effective in preventing any stretch marks to appear.

There are types of stretch mark creams that have effects that can increase the strength and elasticity of the skin. This will allow the skin to stretch without leaving any marks on the skin tissue.

Pregnant mothers should know that there are many substances that should be avoided. The child is still developing its organs and body parts and a harmful substance can cause problems in the process.

In choosing the right stretch mark creams for pregnancy, mothers should avoid creams that have Retin-A. It is another type of vitamin A used by cosmetic products for treating pimples and wrinkles. Retin-A is very harmful to an unborn child and should be avoided at all cost.

Stretch Mark Creams Best For Women After Pregnancy And Breastfeeding

There are also some women who prefer to treat the stretch marks after birth. As the body will return to its normal weight, the tearing beneath the skin are still visible.

They can't be removed because the scarring is deep

They can’t be removed because the scarring is situated deeply under the skin layers. But there are anti stretch mark creams best for marks that are already present.

This type of stretch mark cream hides the scars by balancing the skin tones around the marks. The result will cause the stretch marks to be unnoticeable.

Mothers can still use stretch mark creams while breastfeeding.

Most stretch mark creams have no effects that can alter the mother’s ability to lactate.

In choosing the best stretch mark cream for lactating women, it should be checked if it does not have Retin-A as an ingredient.

Even if the cream is applied on the skin, it is still absorbed by our body.

Until now, there is no accurate information as to how Retin-A affects breast milk so it is wise to avoid those types of creams.

The Best Breast Stretch Mark Cream

It is also possible for breasts to have stretch marks. The breast of lactating mothers will stretch due to the production of milk and hormonal changes.

The best stretch marks creams for the breasts are those containing ingredients that moisturize and hydrate the skin to prevent marks from being formed. Vitamin E, Aloe Vera, and Seed extracts are commonly used for breast stretch mark creams.

Like other parts of the skin, stretch marks in the breast cannot be removed but can be hidden. Application of stretch mark creams can still be done to conceal the stretch marks. The breast should also be cleaned before breastfeeding to ensure safety for the child.

best stretch mark creams for pregnancyThe best stretch mark creams for pregnancy are those that do not have any harmful substances. Buying these products requires mothers to always check if it is safe to use.

An expert advice from a physician or from a medical professional can also be useful in choosing the best stretch mark cream to use.

Mothers deserve a life free from stretch marks, and safely choosing the correct cream will surely make your stretch marks vanish.


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