Do Anti-Stretch Mark Creams Work: Learn Why People Prefer Creams


One of the things that makes people feel insecure about their looks is the presence of stretch marks. These reddish or purplish lines appear on the surface of the skin, which eventually lightens.

Stretch marks typically appear on the thighs, arms, buttocks, breasts and stomach. Because of their unsightly appearance, people with stretch marks use creams to make them disappear. Before you start using any stretch mark creams, you should ask, “Do anti-stretch mark creams work?”

Causes of Stretch Marks

stretch marks body builderAnything that causes rapid weight change and growth can lead to the formation of stretch marks. These rapid changes cause the middle layer of the skin to tear apart as it tries to adapt to the changing skin. Linear scar tissues will form because of this, which becomes the stretch mark.

This is common among pregnant women, obese individuals, teenagers and body builders. Natural and medically-induced hormonal changes can also cause stretch marks to appear.

Is It Possible to Prevent Them?

Prevention is still better than the cure, and that is why you should try to avoid the formation of stretch marks. These lines will not appear if you have well-hydrated and properly-nourished skin. Apply moisturizers with vitamin C and E, because they help maintain the elasticity of the skin.

A nourishing diet that consists of natural, organic foods that are good for the skin can also help. Be sure that you are drinking sufficient amounts of water, which is between six and eight glasses a day. If possible, try to avoid any skincare products that contain harsh chemicals.

Getting Rid of Stretch Marks

pregnant woman drinking waterThere are circumstances that made the formation of stretch marks inevitable. In that case, you just have to do something to make them go away faster. The truth is; stretch marks fade away by themselves, even when you don’t do anything.

However, if left alone, it will take a longer time before they completely fade. This does not bode well for those who prefer wearing shorts, or for those who want to be in their bikinis.

A stretch mark is not a health problem in itself. It doesn’t affect the normal function of your body. People seek treatments primarily for aesthetic purposes.

Lasers and surgeries are expensive. That is why most people prefer over-the-counter treatments like lotion and  anti-stretch mark creams. They are far more affordable. They can really help make stretch marks fade faster. Keep in mind that not all creams are effective, so you have to choose one carefully.

Do Anti Stretch Mark Creams Work?

retinolThe answer to this question will depend on the formula of the brand you are using. Be sure to avoid creams with paraben and mineral oils, because these ingredients are toxic.

The stretch mark creams that work are those that contain a vitamin C, AHA and retinol combination, as well as herbs, like cayenne pepper and tiger’s herb.

These ingredients work hand in hand to promote the production of collagen, while improving the blood circulation in your skin. As a result, they are able to reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

Many have questioned the ability of anti-stretch mark creams. However, a majority of those who tried using the creams have attested that their stretch marks have faded. The comments are often positive, especially for creams that contain natural herbs. People have different comments, and the best way to find out if the cream will work on you is to try it. It is definitely worth the effort if you make sure that you are using a reputable brand.

How to Find the Right Creams for Stretch Marks

In most cases, you need to apply the cream two to three times a day in order for it to give you the results that you want. Dedication and commitment is required. That is why you need to know first if it is worthy of your time and money. The easiest way to determine which stretch mark remover works is to read the reviews from other users. They based their opinions on first-hand experience.

stretch mark cream reviewThat is why they can give you an insight on the cream’s effectiveness. Make a short list of top rated creams. Search for additional information about them until you find the best one for you. Be aware of any that may cause allergic reactions. If you have skin allergies, ask your doctor to recommend a brand that will work for you.

Most anti-stretch mark cream reviews provide a list of brands that get positive reviews from other users. This will make your search easier, because you no longer have to search in many websites.

If it is included in the list, then it only means that the cream is safe and effective at the same time. Check the price, so you can see which brand could easily fit your budget. Some of the best stretch mark creams often have promos wherein you can get a free extra bottle or get your order at a discount price.

Like most people, you are probably having second thoughts on buying creams because you are not sure if they will work. Any sensible consumer will certainly ask, “Do anti-stretch mark creams work?” A large number of people have been raving about them, which is an indication that they really do work for most people. Just make sure that you choose a brand with excellent reviews.


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